Internship: Energy Storage information gathering for a sustainable world

  • G07 Affordable and Clean Energy
  • G13 Climate action
  • G17 Partnerships for the Goals
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • June 22, 2019

Website Humanitrack



Want to be a big part of creating a more sustainable world this summer through the use of your brain power and passion for technology?

We’re seeking a student who shares our excitement about Energy Storage to gather information and insights for an overview of the technologies driving Energy Storage. You’ll have the freedom to work where and when you want to, and be helping create the information foundations for the communities taking shape around these tech hubs. These communities and their hubs will eventually keep you and your fellow students across the campus and across the globe updated, aligned, and a part of technologies that are pushing us all closer to a sustainable world.

Required skills:

  • Loving and understanding technology and having some passion for Energy Storage
  • Research research research…we need you to be able to dig, scratch, and claw your way to the information that is needed.
  • Organization and critical thinking. Lot’s of data and information is out there, you need to find the right information and put it in our framework.

What you’ll get out of this experience:

  • Being a big part of this new and world improving platform and community
  • Improving your knowledge on Energy Storage and building your network
  • Startup insights and experience
  • Improving your 21st century skills
  • Something exceptional to put on your CV and LinkedIn

More details on this gig:

  • Work when and where you want! You should have the freedom to enjoy your summer while making the world a better place!
  • Summer internship position from June 22-August 31
  • This is an unpaid internship (I feel for you, I’m not getting paid yet either)…but what you can get out of this experience is worth so much more for your CV and our world!
  • You’ll be scouring the internet and maybe even reaching out to fellow students and professors to get the information needed. You’ll keep this data organized in shared docs like this one:
  • Check out the currently launched Energy Storage tech Quests on for an idea of what this data gathering will turn into.
  • The Energy Storage Quests you are working on will be launched at a few Humanitrack events at Denmark’s Technical University this fall, similar to this initial event recently held at DTU:
  • These are the Energy Storage Quests you will work on:

Synthetic Fuels
Fuel Cells
Flow Batteries
Metal-air Batteries
Thermal Energy Storage
Compressed Air Energy Storage

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