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Got a passion for tech and want to be our first Sitekick and construct and launch new content and lead and inspire the community of our world changing platform No bullshit about world changing…at Humanitrack we’re connecting people in a community of communities where we all make sense of technological news, ideas, progress and research then together map out next steps and their projects for accelerating progress towards our global goals and dreams!

We’re looking for someone to be our first dedicated content creator, site tester, site guru, and new Quest researcher. Users of Humanitrack are called Heroes, editors are Superheroes, administrators are Eternals, then there is you…our trusted Sitekick. We need someone who loves technology, shares our vision, and has the drive to make Humanitrack both an incredible home and community. A better future starts here with you joining our journey to unite the world’s 50 plus million STEM students, graduates, and other interested individuals.

We are humanity’s tech guide and accelerator. enables you to take action in advancing technological progress, even if the actions and tasks are small and you aren’t a techie. It’s a place you visit to not only get updated on your technical interests and their progress but to quickly get aligned with, find, and collaborate with your local and global network. Humanitrack provides you with new ideas and tasks for what needs to happen next and guidance as to where, very concretely, you should focus your studies, research, projects, or resources to effectively help push progress.

Required skills:

  • Loving and understanding technology, science, and innovation!
  • Research research research…we need you to be able to dig, scratch, and claw your way to the information that is needed.
  • Speaking, reading and writing in English
  • Passionate about making an impact in our world
  • Organized
  • Responsible, trustworthy. You have all the powers of the Superheroes (Editors) and we need to be able to trust you with them.

What you’ll get out of this experience:

  • Being a key first player in something potentially massive and world changing (wouldn’t that be nice on your CV)
  • Network. You are the going to be one of the most visible users on…the potential for your new network is crazy.
  • Learning about the start-up process and all the important shit they don’t teach you in school. Real world experience FTW!
  • Community building and leadership experience
  • Event launches…the new Challenges and Quests you research will be launched at these events and you can be part of the planning and fun.

More details on this gig:

  • Daily tasks would include: Adding, organizing, and updating content for the Challenge and Quests that are live on Motivating, inspiring and interacting with current users and communities on and helping keep track of feedback. Comment, like, inspire, and create new tasks to motivate users…you are the kickstarting Sitekick!
  • Researching and collecting content for new Challenges and Quests. Take a look at the current Challenge and Quests we have on the site and also see what could be coming:
  • Providing a daily summary of site statistics, issues and overall experiences.
  • This job can of course be done remotely, but if and when possible, visiting our home at the lively startup hub called KPH near Carlsberg Station . The networking and vibe here is amazing.
  • We expect from 3 to 6 hours a day of your time on most days of the week. Off days perhaps just 30 minutes of your time…we can of course figure out situations where you are on vacation or sick.
  • This is an unpaid internship (I feel for you, I’m not getting paid yet either)…but what you can get out of this experience could be worth so much more for your CV and our future. We are paving the way to the future!
  • We need you NOW. There is no end date to this internship but if we must put an end date then we would need you for 3 months (and hope you could do it again for another 3!).
  • Our official (beta) launch of is April 30th here , but we want you to be ready for this and already need to get prepared for the next Quests to be launched…so again: We need you NOW.

Apply here ASAP before April 30th for the best shot at landing this exclusive position!

To apply for this job please visit