Phenotyping towards more resilient and sustainable crops

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Applications are invited for a PhD fellowship/scholarship at Graduate School of Science and Technology, Aarhus University, Denmark, within the Food Science programme. The position is available from 1 May 2019 or later.

Phenotyping towards more resilient and sustainable crops

Research area and project description:
As a consequence of global climate change, the frequency of abiotic stresses especially the combined stresses are expected to increase in the future. It is predicted that atmospheric COconcentration will rise to 550 ppm in the middle of the century and double in the end of the century. With the global climate change, understanding the adaptation responses to complex environmental conditions is urgent.

As an example, the effect of elevated CO2 concentration on plants at combined heat and drought remains unclear. Melatonin, N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamin, is a well-known hormone that play roles in plant response to abiotic stress. There is limited knowledge on the effect of melatonin on plants at combined heat and drought stress.

The project will focus on the effects of elevated CO2 concentration and melatonin on cultivated and wild tomatoes at combined heat and drought from the perspective of photosynthetic responses, metabolism, genetic regulation (e.g. non-coding RNAs) and yield.

Qualifications and specific competences:
Applicants to the PhD position must have a relevant Master’s degree, and should have a very good level of English for communication and writing. The applicant should have a research background in plant science either in the area of crop physiology or molecular plant biology with a focus on stress reactions.

Place of employment and place of work:
The place of employment is Aarhus University, and the place of work is Department of Food Science in the science team ‘Plant, Food & Climate’ (PFC), Årslev, Denmark. The place of work will move to Agro Food Park, Aarhus, Denmark late in 2019.

Applicants seeking further information are invited to contact:
Rong Zhou,, or Carl-Otto Ottosen,


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