Let’s SMACK it!

Hi all, In our view there are many ways to be impactful at the moment. This page will be all about staying impactful in a crisis where we are all part of the solution and the problem.

1: Stay safe, stay home.

The faster we get this virus under control and save our hospitals from overloading, the faster we can get back to work on all the other important issues. 

Stay home 
Stay clean,
Be social online

2: Volunteer.

Are you safe and well? then how can you help? 
Here’re some links for volunteering opportunities in Denmark:

Røde kors
Region Hovedstaden 
Region Midtjylland
Region Sjælland
Region Syddanmark
Region Nordjylland 

3: If you are one the unfortunate, and lost your job, don’t worry, there’re plenty of opportunities of a new exciting career.

But please be sure to investigate the jobs and companies well, things are moving fast, and we not able to be certain how many job-ads are still relevant – for now, use the list as inspiration.

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