Corona Virus Silverlining

While we are bouncing in and out coronavirus-lockdown, financial turmoil, personal fear and anxiety, I can see a small silver lining we might be missing – and it’s the pauses.

(Ok, the pause might be interupted by looking after your 3 year olds, or feeding your breaking-news addiction.)

It’s a pause to reconsider our career and our contribution to society – and the future of our society.

At the moment i’m struck by the fact that we have closed down our society – knowing that we’ll loose millions and billions of kroner – in order to take care of our most vital systems, and their employees – hospitals and healthcare workers.

As I talk to friends and work-relations, via skype, I realise that this is a great time to investigate our own careers.

  • Is your job vital to society in the near term?
  • Is it vital to society in the long term?
  • If not, could it be?
  • And how would it change your life to have a vital job?

This is to a large degree why Impactful Jobs exists. To help you navigate this sort of slump, this Fear-Of-Meaningless-Overwhelment, FOMO, and fix it by finding a meaningful job.

This is an excelent time to investigate this, so lets do it. Over the next days, weeks, months, please try to consider your career, your impact, and your options for changing it. Have a happy lockdown year!