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We are connecting purpose-driven companies, with purpose-driven professionals in a purpose-driven match. There’re two new generation coming into the job market these years, and they are looking for more than just a pay check – they are on a mission to change the world – with you.

UN Global Goals

Our community revolve around UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. They have gotten amazing traction with young professionals in recent years, and offer the perfect frame to communicate your purpose. We’ll help you tag your job ads with the appropriate goals, and highlight the most impactful aspects to match on purpose. 


What is an impactful professional? – take a read

Tap in to our impactful pool of talents, by either becoming a community partner or engaging via selected job ads, events or branded content.

Become a Community Partner

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    Post all your impactful jobs, all year!
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    Our journalists will create a short introduction to your company, based on a short interview, and add all relevant media.
  • 1 articles per year
    Our journalists are always eager to portrait your company and initiatives. We’ll tell your positive story through a conscious journalistic lens.


On top of that, you can add:

  • Speaker spots at our events
    Tell your story at one of our monthly events, “We Work Global Goals”, in front of 100+ talents.
  • Video mini-documentary
    Our team of seasoned photographers and journalists are specialists in telling impactful stories, your stories about your mission.
  • Additional articles about you or your latest initiative
    When you have a good media buzz going, our your new initiative is launching, we be there to help you spread the word.

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