Miljø- og Fødevareministeriet

About: Supporting sustainable and innovative food production and exports, taking care of Nature and the environment, and consumer protection and information are core concerns of the Ministry of Environment and Food.

The Ministry takes care of the frameworks for the development of agriculture and agricultural industries. The Ministry facilitates the development of sustainable and resource-efficient solutions and contributes to the development of industrial growth and workplaces in Denmark, while simultaneously minding Nature, the environment and our drinking water.

Nature is the focal point for all activities of the Ministry of Environment and Food. First of all, Nature is the basis for life and food production; but Nature also offers a great variety of leisure activities. Therefore the Ministry strives to protect forests, lakes, coastlines and open landscapes and ensures opportunities for the public to experience and have leisure activities in Nature around the country.

Approximately 4,200 employees placed around the country take care of the various tasks of the Ministry, which is organized in four main institutions.


  • Approx. 4200 employees
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

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