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A little Corona-virus-jobsite-info: As you know there are a lot of uncertainty on the job-market at the moment. There are still many interesting opportunities, but many of them are also changing rapidly.
We try to keep the site updated, but please remember to also check the companies newsfeeds before you spend hours writing your application
– the times are a changin.
We are also trying to find ways to help society these days, so take a look at our Corona site. 
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Praktikant – Integration
Design nye indsatser for udsatte unge i uddannelse
Presserådgiver med digitale kompetencer
CRM system- og proces manager
R&D Project Lead in offshore wind

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We promote jobs with a sustainable, positive impact. That’s it. There’s a new generation of purpose driven professionals looking for meaning and impactfulness in their careers  – but all too often, the impactful jobs drown in a sea of not-so-impactful ones. We are changing that. We believe that enabling all people to work with a purpose will be the biggest leap forward  for humankind.