You deserve a career that makes sense for you.
Find a goal, a job or a path forward for a truly impactful life through work.

Not all jobs are equal, find an impactful one

Miljøøkonom med forskningsbaggrund til Miljø- og Fødevareministeriets departemen
Seniorrådgiver Privat Sektor
Samfundsvidenskabelig praktikant til Velkomstteamet
Global Lead on Solutions to Displacement
Business Analyst to optimise wind farm business cases

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What & Why

We promote jobs with a sustainable, positive impact. That’s it. There’s a new generation of purpose driven professionals looking for meaning and impactfulness in their careers  – but all too often, the impactful jobs drown in a sea of not-so-impactful ones. We are changing that. We believe that enabling all people to work with a purpose will be the biggest leap forward  for humankind.