The Why

We need to change the world. Now.
Impactful Jobs is on a mission to put the best talents in the most important jobs.

Our core beliefs

A Sustainable world through work

To build a sustainable world, we need to work the right jobs. The greatest impact each person have on the world, is through their job. We want to enable everyone to discover and be their most impactful selves.

Meaningful Career = Happiness

Spending the majority of your day doing meaningful work will do wonders for your happiness – no discussion. As an added bonus, happy employees are more productive and more loyal.

Don’t compromise

You can still lead a wonderful, full and luxurious life, while working an impactful job. Most jobs are equally well paid as their impactless counterpart – many predict they will be even better paid in the future.

The Why is fully personal

I’ve spend 8 years as a complete impactfail. Through my career as a product designer I’ve created nothing but useless products – TV’s, headphones, banking services, a fitness tracker for dogs and much more. 

When I became a father I finally woke up and decided to change this, I need to create positive impact.
Naturally I failed right off the bat, as it’s incredibly hard to find a job that makes sense – so I had to create that tool.  Impactful Jobs was born, and I’ve never been happier. 

Lars Martin Haukohl


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