We are so proud of having created the “Impact Stories” – campaign for UN Global Compact Network Denmark in 2019. Now it’s time to feature the videos here on the site.  

Thank you to MP Pension, LM Wind Power, Aiayu and Carlsberg for the great stories. And thank you UN Global Compact Network Denmark and Tuborgfondet for the support. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing some brilliant people – thinkers & doers – for whom impact is a natural way of doing business. Some started their companies based on this mindset, some are working to amplify them, and some are busy turning huge enterprises around. We asked them about their contribution to the green transition, their impact, their view of the future, and obviously also, how do you get an impactful career?

Together they form a diverse inspiration for how you can help change the world. 
Perhaps working with them will be a nice way to start…

We produced all the videos through our non-profit consultancy TheImpactful.org – yes that’s a thing. They clearly show the way forward for us, in that we want to further boost the discussion about how our largest impact is created through our careers. 

MP Pension


LM Wind Power



We hope to create much more content like this in the future. If your company needs their story told, let’s us know at hello@impactfuljobs.org