Congratulations on a fantastic P4G-Summit. We hope you had a blast, learned something new, and above all realised that you will change the world.

But, now what? What will happen next, and how will you insure you’ll work an impactful job? Well, that’s what we are here for.

At Impactful Jobs, have a created a little club to help you succeed. This site is just our first hello, but join our talent database and get the full package.

Impactful Jobs is:

We want to gather young professionals with the right mindset, in one big supportive community. We need to help each other succeed in the professional world, in order to save the actual world.  

Events and Workshops
Each month we have a new events planned, spanning meetups, workshops, boatrides and  everything in between. We’ll learn, meet and understand something, or someone, new each time. 

Career advancement
Our mission is to place the best brain in the most important positions, in order to save the world. You have the brains, we have the jobs and corporate connections you need, to be the most impactful you. 

Linkedin Group:
Next Generation 2030

To make it easier to stay in touch, we have created a Linkedin group for all of you. Please connect, share, like, discuss and help each other out in your future impact career.

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Join Impactful Talents

Join our Talent Database and get advanced notice about our events and workshop, exclusive invites, and most importantly, allow us to find great job offers for you. Unfortunately, we only operate in Denmark, for now.

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Social Media

Lastly we thought it would be nice to collect some of the brilliant news, knowledge and social media from P4G.