Recap: Circular Economy Workshop v. Lendager

We had a fantastic workshop on circular economy with the brilliant minds of Lendager The Circular Way. First of all, a big thank you to all the participants, who put in an incredible energy and really lifted the whole day! Also, Thank you very much to Lendage-team, Maya and Johan, as well as director Ditte Lysgaard Vind. And last but not least, IDA Design & Innovation for providing the location.

One the key take aways, and most important point, for us, was the notion of job creation via the circular approach. When materials becomes cheaper to acquire, and needs to be refurbished, lots of jobs are created. That goes for both the blue-collar man-power needed to disassemble old building, but also the need for more engineers in the planning, designers, architects to rethink whole new types of refurbish and manufactoring processes. And all this, while we don’t have to compromise on quality, og consumption. It’s just done smarter, that’s brilliant!

Watch the video below for a great example of this, and Lendager Group’s work in general

So bottomline, if you are not already knee deep in Circular-thinking, you better hustle!

To help you along, Lendager Group and The Circular Way have just released the new brilliant book: “A Changemakers Guide to the Future”. And, it’s coming out very soon as a free ebook, so stay put for that! You can read more and follow along  by clicking the banner below. We will of course also hype it here on Impactful Jobs when it’s released.

To finish up, here’re a few shots from the workshop:

Hope to see you at our next event!

Hi5 – The Impactful Team