Recap: We Work Global Goals – Finance

Thank you all so much for a great We Work Global Goals – Finance. Once again we were thrilled to see so many people and great questions – and a special thank you goes out to our brilliant speakers.

Our big take away from the event was the positivism you can sense in the financial world. There is a growing focus on sustainable and responsible investments, from all sides; customers, employees and definitely management it self. While there is still a long way to go, the inevitable shift is happening with each new dollar invested. And, especially the younger generations entering the business seems to know inherently that shorting technological development by investing in non-sustainables for example, isn’t the way to go.

We have collected a few nice shots of the day, and 3 short interviews from the day. Watch below, enjoy and see you at the next We Work Global Goals. Hi5!

Speaker vids

Event Pics