This is Impactful!

Welcome to the first danish job site aimed exclusively at jobs that creates a sustainable impact. We help you find a job that works to solve a UN Sustainable Development Goal – to help you build a truly impactful career. There are 17 UN SDG’s in total, all aiming to solve the major challenges the world faces. They cover everything from hunger to water, and from energy to equality and beyond, so there’s always a goal that suits your competencies and aspirations. If you need more info see UN’s Sustainable Development Goal website here.

We’ll post new exciting jobs each day, and provide you the news and inspiration to help you grab them. For many of us, nailing the first impactful job requires a bit of basic knowledge of the field and staying up to date with the newscycle – we’ll help you get that.

We do this for 2 reasons.
1: We know we need to build a fully sustainable world – and we all need to be hands on. It’s clear that it’s not enough to donate or drive an electric car, we need to actively work at jobs that directly solves global problems. We want to enable that.

2: It’s proven to boost work-happiness. Knowing that you have a positive impact on the world means you’ll experience more meaningfulness and enjoyment at job. Your job is a major block of your life, it better be enjoyable ? We want to enable that.

If you want to get involved in our mission, please like and follow us on facebook and linkedin, visit our site often, and subscribe to our newsletter. We sincerely hope we can help you change the world. Hi5!