We Work Global Goals – October

Working in the financial world gives you incredible powers to do good. It’s not easy, but small decisions has enormous impact, when you´re investing billions – find out how, what and why!

On October 25th, we dive into the financial world. These years, impact investing is booming, and conscious investors are booming. There are impactful opportunities for every cent, we just need to be aware of it.

Meet some of Denmarks most innovative financial thinkers and doers, all working towards Goal 8 – decent work and economic growth and way, way beyond.

The event is created for you, students and young professionals, who wants an insight into these companies, and learn how you can have a huge impact on the world – by choosing an Impactful Job.

During the 2 hour event you’ll hear from:

Morten Halborg, CEO at Skandia Asset Management

With a hardcore financial profile as CEO and Chief Investment Officer for Skandia Asset Management, you would normally not expect one such as Morten to be so focused on sustainability and responsibility – but he is! And given the amount of funds he has under management, he also has a huge impact.

Lisbeth Zacho, Co-Founder at Nordic Impact Funds

Lisbeth Staunsholm Zacho is an expert in finance and international development. Based on her experience from IMF, World Bank and an international NGO she has embarked on a mission is to improve quality of life for low income people in East Africa through impact investments.

Søren Larsen, Head of Social Responsible Investments at Nykredit

Søren Larsen is Head of SRI (Socially Responsible Investments) at Nykredit, one of the leading financial services companies in Denmark. Søren is an expert in responsible investments and one of the most knowledgable persons when it comes to the newest trends and developments within the field.

Pelle Pedersen, Partner at Abnorm

Following and impressive career within finance, Pelle left his position as Head of Responsible investments at PKA to co-found Abnorm – the first danish venture fund to focus exclusively on impact startups. Pelle will talk about his journey and the future of impact investments.

They will all share their story, and how they are impactful within finance. There will also be time for a short workshop and networking.

Thank you to all our partners for making this possible, and thank you Finans Danmark for providing the venue.

We can’t wait to see you all!!

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