We are by far the most…

I think a high5-ing cat is in order. These days I’m happily amazed of how much is written and said about our core concerns: Climate Change, Millennials and Impact. Perhaps I’m just in a perfect, cross-media, echo chamber. But I feel that this is bigger than just my sphere. It’s very evident to me, that the media has found that these topics sell – that it’s cool to be kind and conscious.

Nothing fuels our enthusiasm for this site more, than feeling part of this movement and feeling it spread through our generation.

I think it’s worth reminding ourselves that we, the Millennials are a remarkable generation in a remarkably critical space in time.
– We are by far, the most connected generation ever.
– We are by far, the most educated generation ever.
and therefore:
– We are by far, the most powerful generation ever.
If we remember to keep that power focused on doing good – and not spend our wealth and brains on pointless luxury, WE WILL SAVE THE WORLD – for ourselves and the next generation.

Looking at the current trends and waves in Millennial’s behaviour, we are doing incredibly well. So lets use this sunday to give ourselves a high5 – and let’s keep the movement strong.

If you want to help this movement along, help us spread the word. Also, join us and our panel debate at Folkemødet 2081