Global Goals, not just for super stars

The UNLEASH conference is well underway and 1000 future Global Goal-entrepreneurs are brainstorming with each other, top CEO’s and key inspirators for this fantastic event. It’s great to see the hype is building, and that the message is starting to spread through the media. But we also have to step out of the echo-chamber for a second and hear if the message resonates beyond Unleash.

It’s important to be humble and know that a few passionate entrepreneurs and CEO’s alone won’t change the world. To do that, we need everybody onboard. We need to engage the majority workforce to choose jobs aimed at the global goals. We need to make the Global Goal a table stake at all jobs, rather than a pretty CSR message.

I believe we can. And I strongly believe that it will lead to a more enjoyable career for the individual, as well as a sustainable future for us all. I’ve committed my self to make goal oriented jobs easy to find via my job site and help people change paths towards impactfulness.

Now I can’t wait to kickstart new exciting ventures with my 999 new international friends, and get even more people engaged in our shared sustainable future.