Selection criteria

One question we get asked a lot is: How do you decide what jobs to include?

Well, that’s definitely the most difficult part of this venture, and something that we are, and will, be working on continuously. There are lots of caveats, so we are treading cautiously,

Firstly, we are setting up a group of advisors to help us choose. They help us choose job types, companies and setting up rules and criteria for the job hunters. They all represent institutions and organisations with special knowledge on the field, or they are “just” brilliant thought leaders in their own right.

We have 2 rules: 

Companies with sustainability as their core
We feature all jobs from companies that have sustainability as their core business. That might be the established giants such as Vestas and Novozymes, but definitely also brilliant startups like M-PAYG and Donkey Republic.

Sustainability positions
We also feature jobs that works to make dirty businesses less so – such as a Sustainability Manager position at Goal-R-Us. It’s always a bit more tricky to gauge these positions, but many of them can have immense impact. For instance, reducing the carbon footprint of shipping, even slightly, will mean a lot.

We hope this gives you a bit more understanding of how we think. This is obviously a process we will optimise constantly, in order to stay relevant as we get closer to reaching the goals.

For now, we are just super busy tracking down all the exciting opportunities, so stay tuned, more jobs will come every day!! Hi5!

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