Recap: We Work Global Goals 2

Wow, thank you for a brilliant cruise! It was great to see so many amazing people, and feel the shared excitement for building a better world. Thank you to all of you, and thank you to all of our brilliant speakers, for inspiring us, expanding our thinking, and pushing us to think different about our work and our future.

– and thanks to all that has registered as an impactful talent, we hope to see many more, so register right here.

Apart from the brilliant atmosphere, there was some truly brilliant take aways from the talks.
Here are the 3 things that stuck in our minds:

Small change, big impact

Annette is great examples of how you, and your professional life, is constantly evolving and transforming. Annette started her career in management consulting, and took a big, and unexpected leap to the NGO, Plastic Change. Now her impact is immense, and her personal need for purposefulness is satisfied daily. She had previously viewed her time in management consulting as a spring board to higher management, it has, just in a different vertical. She’s still solving complex challenges in an international environment, and so the necessary skillset is stil the same, but it’s used for a very different cause. Small changes, leads to new opportunities and bigger impact.

Be a practical optimist

Jacob, a well rooted and practical thinking engineer is solving problems with enormous impact. How will cities cope with a massive increase in rain in the coming years. The problems we are facing might be of astronomical proportions, but there’s still some very simple, logical solutions to them. We need to face the challenges and be optimistic about our ability to adapt and survive. Being aware of both sides of this argument, as Jacob and Cowi are, is the key to our future.

Fake it ’til you make it

Lastly, Anders Morgenthaler, reminded us that if we are not already superstars, we will most likely figure it out along the way – until then, just lie. Anders faced plenty of challenges in school, and was to some extend left behind by most teachers. But, when Anders found that he could learn anything, that he really cared about, if he just got the chance, he started lying about his abilities – in order to get that chance.
That’s much the same challenge you are facing, when you want to change your career towards sustainability, or is just starting out. You have to start somewere, showing that you really, really care about the purpose – and letting the recruiters know that you can always learn the rest along the way.

So again, thank you for some super inspirational and insightful talks.


Lastly, Jacob made a nice link collection for all sustainable superstars:

Only for Danes:

The most important thing first, take action in our democracy towards faster green transition. I’m a member of a group of green activists that are trying to get a political proposal through the parliament. Take action and show support by, signing the proposal, sharing it on social media, add a frame to your facebook profile picture, search for “klimaopråb” at Borgerforslag

I’m working on a non-profit website in my free time, that aims to help all Danes become “climate heroes”. The website will contain very specific actions you can take, in relation to SDG 13 Climate Action. Unfortunately it is still work in progress, but bookmark the site, and become a “Klimahelt” when it’s done. Maybe in the future I’ll make an international version.

For everyone:

The lazy persons guide to saving the world – what can you do from your couch / what can you do if you get up / what can you do if you go outside

Carbon Footprint Calculator (if you want to calculate CO₂-emissions for a trip by car/bus/train/airplane)

Carbon Footprint Calculator (if you want to calculate your yearly CO₂-emissions)

See you soon, at our next event on Oktober 25th. Read more HERE