Conference: We Work Global Goals 2

Become part of the solution for our blue planet. Join us for a deep dive into the challenges, solutions and visions for a sustainable aquatic environment and the Global Goals 6, 13 and 14.

On this very different and super inspiring harbour cruise, in an electric boat – of course, you’ll get to experience brilliant companies and organisations all doing their part to protect and preserve the oceans and rethink our aquatic impact in the most innovative and sustainable ways.

The event is created for you, students and young professionals, who wants an insight into these companies, and learn how you can have a huge impact on the world – by choosing an Impactful Job.

During the 2 hour trip you’ll hear how:

Maersk is transforming global renewables
Plastic Change is changing mindsets
Cowi is climate proofing communities
and how Anders Morgenthaler thinks we should act up.

There will of course be snacks, and something to drink on board.

About the speakers:

Anne Sophie Vinther Hansen is a Senior Business Developer at Maersk Supply Service currently working with a multitude of impactful projects that aim to make a global impact in a big way. Anne Sophie and the Innovation Team are involved in everything from cleaning up ocean plastics, to invasive algae-management, renewable energy logistics, oil and gas field decommissioning, and harvesting of sustainable minerals.

Jacob Skou Lopez Gøtterup is Head of Section for Drainage – Infrastructure and Urban Development at COWI. Jacob is busy designing solutions that are adapted to the expected impacts of climatic changes, specifically due to rising sea levels and changed precipitation patterns – affecting urban communities. In private, Jacob is trying to change his family’s way of life to reduce CO₂-emissions, and influence others to do the same.

Plastic Change
Annette Lendal is executive assistant and consultant on strategic partnerships in the not-for-profit organization Plastic Change. Following some hectic years as a management consultant, Annette has found a renewed sense of purpose at Plastic Change, where she contributes to building sustainable change with high impact. Plastic Change works with individuals, corporates and policymakers on systemic changes that secures plastic resources are held in closed loops – and not entering our oceans.

Anders Morgenthaler
The famed comedian and fierce climate and sustainability activist will be conducting the cruise, and steering us through all the exciting talks. He’ll also give a pep-talk on why we need to change, how and why it’s much better and more reward to live sustainably. If you haven’t already listened to his brilliant Radio-programme “klimatestamentet”, Now’s the time.

We can’t wait to see you!

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