Meetup: Designing for Impact @ Techfestival

We are hosting an exciting meetup this Thursday, september 6th at 13:00-15:00. We hope to see you all there, for a quick talk about how we try to design for impact, and how the danish impact community looks. But most importantly, it’s about meeting new people and creating impactful connections.


Designing For Impact in Your Business

Tech has made us incredibly powerful, but are we using that power wisely? Does the world need more marketing apps? Well, we think it’s time to be impactful, time to design like you give a damn. Impact is here to stay and will become the norm for any business and career going forward. Whether you are building a startup, managing a business process or investing, designing for impact should be front and center. But how do you design for impact, what do you need to think about, what does the danish impact eco-system look like, why should you care? Meet up, and find out.

Your Host and Speakers

Through an already remarkable career in finance, Pelle Petersen has established himself firmly in the danish impact eco-system.  Following his position as Head of Responsible Investment at the pensionfund PKA, Pelle is now co-launching the incubator and venture fund Abnorm alongside Thomas Bisballe and .

Thomas Bisballe is one of those people that “got it”, way before any of us. Thomas has been an impact entrepreneur and consultant for years, and has helped kickstart dozens of amazing initiatives in all sectors and categories. Now, he is part of of the brilliant incubator and venture fund Abnorm.

After several years as a design consultant, Lars Martin Haukohl, got fed up by fancy products that didn’t matter. After trying to pivot his career into sustainability, and finding it impossible to find a purposeful job, Lars created the largest danish sustainable career community: Impactful Jobs.  #WorkLikeYouGiveADamn.

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It’s free if you already have a Techfestival ticket.